austerity or prosperity?

If December is the month of indulgence, January must mark a time for abstinence. (To be sexist about it) men go on the wagon, women diet. We Brits are deprived of daylight and sunshine is a privilege reserved for those down under.

So, are events and hospitality to be given the same stringent treatment? Robert Peston was hardly full of Christmas cheer at the close of 2011, but despite predictions of European doom & gloom, we BEYONDers have enjoyed a kick-start to the New Year.

I’m not saying we’re enjoying business levels akin to 7 or 8 years ago, when quite frankly, if we’d known what was ahead we’d have all probably doubled our hay crops while the sun was truly shining. Because today the story is a very different one – client entertaining ‘freedom’ has been strictly curtailed, regulations tightened and it looks unlikely the City will ever be granted the same level of trading freedom again.

But whereas the crisis of 2008/9 hit the City between the eyes, it seems this time around our expectations are managed. We’re prepared to move forward under these new circumstances, staunch as they may be.

So it may not be magnums of Bollinger all round but nor is it Black Friday. It seems we have taken a typically British ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude to the financial situation and with it maintained a dogged determination to make the best of the current climate, which will surely, in time, pull us back to prosperity?


image credit: Jennifer Burk via unsplash