a change will do you good

We once asked a client why they held a client Christmas party when it was a notoriously poor time of year for attendance within their industry.  Their response was a scoffing ‘because we have done it that way for the last 30 years’. But is tradition a good enough reason to repeat an event format?  And do you really want to pour serious budget into an event whose guest-list is spread very thin and for whom venues charge a premium rate?


Our suggestion was to move the party into the new year, when there would be better availability with venues and caterers, cheaper rates and clients’ diaries would be freer. More importantly, the event, rather than ‘another’ Christmas party, became the launch of an annual industry report (normally overlooked as a sales tool) to entice the clients in. The result? Significantly better attendance and increased rate of client meetings post-event. Check out the full case study here.


So, what is the lesson? Don’t take your events for granted just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ (Do Apple repeat the same advertising campaign just because last year’s was so successful?). A smart overhaul of your events programme means fresh thinking, savings on budget and increased client engagement during and after the event.


So, why do we recommend reviewing your annual event programme?


You can map out your event budget for the year

You can see which events are serving your marketing objectives and which ones are not

You can allocate staff and resources appropriately

You can align events with key marketing points in the year

You can give your events fresh thinking, new ideas and greater scope for attracting your audience


Why not arrange a consultation with us to see how we can push your boundaries and take your events programme further?  How far do you want to go?


Image credit: Ross Findon via Unsplash