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These days it’s all about maximum bang for minimum buck. In the world of events, we understand that some companies cannot allocate a chunk of their event budget to an agency for project management. But at the same time they need a professional event run by experts. Catch 22? No.


Use our knowledge and expertise in a different way and we will generate bang for your buck with BEYONDconsultancy.


Let me start with a recent true story.


At a recent networking breakfast, we met a digital marketing professional whose client (a beverage company), were serial offenders in putting on events with little thought into logistics and ROI. Their latest creation involved Judo lessons on the top deck of a double-decker bus. While it was moving. With a taster of the alcoholic beverage.


We applaud their creative enthusiasm but what they lacked was an event consultancy to turn their vision into an event that, not only complied with health and safety (for one), but tightened up logistics to make it workable and analysed what would generate ROI. This would have made the difference between failure and success. And that’s worth a lot more than the event and the consultancy budget put together.


On the flip side, we have worked with many PAs, whose organised minds easily translate into efficient project management, but they find it a challenge to continually generate much-needed creative (and strategy-aligned) concepts for the company’s annual event programme.


We like to think that we are the link between the left brain and the right brain. We spend all day every day in the events world; we not only have insider knowledge, we are not distracted by any other day job. You have the vision? We can turn it into a workable event. You have the project managers? We can brainstorm innovative concepts with you. (Obviously if you need the full project management service we are here to offer it too.)


Maximise how you use our expertise and we will maximise your budget and impact.



  • event training for PAs / Event Executives / Marketing Managers
  • concept brainstorms
  • budget allocation
  • annual programme planning
  • critical path building
  • negotiation tools



image credit: Jonas Jacobsson via unsplash