back to the future


Anyone else getting the feeling of deja vu? Clinton is running for President, the Crystal Maze is on TV, Bross are touring and puffa jackets are back. It’s the 90’s! But it’s not. It’s 20 years into the future, but it seems not a lot has changed. Or has it changed so much that we?ve come full circle back to the beginning of Generation X?


When we get an event brief, we are 99% of the time asked to come up with completely original concepts and to offer the latest venue opening. But we’ve been a bit retrospective of late and think there’s value in taking inspiration from the past. By taking a good look at your past events, you can evaluate what worked and re-work it for the future. From look and feel, venues and catering – loads of inspiration is sitting right there waiting to be re-worked for the now.


So, to recap..


The US has a choice between its first female President or the business tycoon that is Trump. Bross have some decent new material and puffa jackets are winning with new silhouettes and luxe fabrics. The Crystal Maze hasn’t changed though – well, some things are sacred.