be like Bowie


It’s my first day back from maternity leave today (this is Alice speaking), having left last year after a mammoth event which took me up to the wire on my due date. I thought that event was the pinnacle of logistics, creativity and multi-tasking – then came motherhood!


With my return to work approaching and me anxious that I’d forget how to be a fully-functioning senior part of the workforce, I started thinking about memory, or more specifically, what makes things memorable? This will be the year I, among many, will always remember, for the tragic death of music legend, David Bowie. Why could I remember all the lyrics to Bowie’s Life on Mars, but completely forget how to make toast?


Because Bowie is awesome and toast is dull, that’s why. And that brought me back from the brink of maternity leave to why I’m inspired to work in events every day. We don’t dish out toast – how could we with a name like BEYOND? We deliver well-thought out events which aim to push boundaries. I’ve never found a well-buttered slice of toast to do that to any breakfast.


So think like Bowie, be like Bowie. Review and Reinvent: your events programme and your breakfast.


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