BEYOND’s twelve days of Christmas

12daysofxmasOn the first day of Christmas, BEYOND took aim for me at a partridge in a pear tree.
Actually it was a pheasant, an exclusive game shoot on an aristocrat?s estate.

On the second day of Christmas our guests were served in white gloves.
By a sommelier with vintage champagnes and a Michelin starred chef at a champagne house in the Champagne region.

On the third day of Christmas, BEYOND drove us round the bends.
In a vintage 2CV car rally around the back streets of Paris.

On the fourth day of Christmas, BEYOND focussed on the girls.
And created a ‘macaroons & martinis, cupcakes & cocktails’ evening.

On the fifth day of Christmas the BEYOND team presented to me five gold rings. VIP client entertaining around the Olympics, what else?

On the sixth day of Christmas, BEYOND delivered to me six films a-screening.
2012 is going to be the year of film – The Iron Lady, Margin Call, War Horse, The Avengers, Batman and the name is Bond, James Bond.

On the seventh day of Christmas, BEYOND treated us to molecular gastronomy.
Think Willy Wonka, think Heston and you have the most colourful, psychedelic & tasty funday you’ve ever attended.

On the eighth day of Christmas, BEYOND showed events are for investing not a-spending.
In these market conditions, why you would expect any less from us is BEYOND us.

On the ninth day of Christmas BEYOND spotted guests busy a-networking.
After all, the best relationships are not necessarily made in the office

On the tenth day of Christmas BEYOND guaranteed more a-ttending.
Events that are such a draw, how can your guests say no?

On the eleventh day of Christmas thanks to BEYOND our performance is in-creasing.
Events boost motivation and morale, promoting better financial results and greater team cohesion.

On the twelfth day of Christmas BEYOND made a difference for me.
12 months of inspirational thinking.