driving a hard – an fast – bargain


When our client wanted to entertain super VIP guests to a thrill filled race day, Ferrari seemed an obvious choice. But the Ferrari museum could offer little more than a simple shuttle bus tour. A far cry from the elite style and immersive luxury our client was looking for.


We immediately got down to in-depth research into Ferrari in Italy. The Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena was new with cutting edge contemporary design but still was just a museum. So we went the extra mile and uncovered a unique chance to drive Ferrari F430s on a private track with Ferrari’s official track driving team. But, as ever, we wanted to give our client and their guests a little more:

an adrenalin-gastro-cultural one-day VIP extravaganza in Bologna

early check-in at Bologna’s finest hotel (despite it being full) with the conference under a newly refurbished, priceless fresco ceiling

a trip to a local Parmesan farm that supplies cheese to the world’s best restaurants that also happened to boast a collection of rare Maseratis and luxury vintage cars

white knuckle Ferrari driving experience with expert tuition

all guests were asked to walk between events to better immerse themselves in this small, exquisite city and offer invaluable, relaxed networking opportunities

meticulous time planning, the ability to meet punishingly short lead times and scrupulous attention to detail meant that this highly packed one-day event flowed at a deceptively relaxed pace


We managed to organise a unique and memorable day for this client that answered their brief without a supercharged budget. Our ideas offered their VIP guests a unique blend of culture and adventure with both formal and casual moments, as well as numerous personal touches throughout the day. All commented that they felt they had received a truly personal service.


“Thank you, Kate, Leonie and Alice for all your hard work for our event. The feedback has been very positive, everyone enjoyed it and it was a pleasure working with you.”