flights of fancy


Fimat International Banque SA, (Societe Generale Group)


To define and execute a brand enhancing event. To launch and promote our client’s new global status following a recent acquisition.


Create a pre-event ‘buzz’. Focus on the international reach of the new brand. Reflect a meeting of cultures: the parent company’s traditional French roots and the new acquisition’s ‘Cool Britannia’ status.

secure the highest profile venue in town : Sketch

enhance the French foundations of Sketch with strong international themed zones

create a ‘destination’ concept – passport invitations, vintage Pan-Am greeters and real life New York barmen serving Cosmopolitans. We went the extra (air) mile to ensure every detail was impossibly authentic.


Out of the box thinking created an out of this world experience. Nothing could have better dramatised Fimat’s ‘global financial brand’ message.


“People are going to be talking about our launch party at SKETCH for a long time to come. We loved your ‘out of the box’ ideas! The party was incredible and our colleagues have only one concern – how are we going to top it for the next event?”