full house!

fast-track client entertaining


KPMG in association with hospitality partner Keith Prowse.


Create an event for KPMG and client future business leaders around a poker theme and within strict budget that delivered key corporate objectives.


An event with a cool, aspirational edge using a prohibition era ‘speakeasy’ setting that overcame any potential apathy from non-poker players.

created an added value event that blends high level creativity with commercial acumen to deliver a clear business benefit

an authentic environment where every guest could live and breathe the world of competition

a totally bespoke themed evening with an edgy underworld ambience; trilby hats for all; a ‘lady of the house’ to encourage mingling; live jazz and free take-home cocktail concealed in a brown paper bag

hosted at one of London’s newest hot-spots – PURL


This dynamic ‘sell-out’ event with a sophisticated sense of humour mixed fun with a controlled sense of competition, that enabled KPMG?s clients to use their innate skills, relax and forge crucial new relationships for their business futures.

“BEYOND immediately grasped our objectives, built on them creatively, swiftly and within budget. Nothing was too much trouble. Every detail had been considered and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. I’m looking forward to working with the BEYOND team again, and to having the same certainty of producing a fun, unique and successful event.”