fast turnaround launch
“despicable me 2”


Develop 10 two-day events over the second/third weekends in December to launch the Despicable Me 2 DVD at diverse Tesco stores across the UK; liaise with Universal’s merchandising team as well as Tesco Head Office and store managers during their busiest 2 weekends of the year; source 10 child friendly event managers – and deliver it all in just three weeks!


Keeping the events ‘on brand’ and simple to execute was key. Our response was to get up to 300 kids a day to create Minion-themed Christmas cards, mini stockings and baubles. The logistics of co-ordinating, staffing and delivering materials to so many venues across the country were daunting. This included sourcing child-safe baubles, bespoke accessories to create authentic Minions, fast drying paints, furniture and actors – all to be used alongside collateral supplied by Universal.


Kids were enthralled by the theme, which ensured people talked about the events to maximise brand presence. Many families posted photographs on Facebook, harnessing the power of high profile online media to boost the impact of the launch. Our efforts have led to an excellent working relationship with both Tesco and Universal. 2 further launches followed in quick succession, the first ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ winning ‘Best Retailtainment’ at the film industry’s awards ceremony.

“Wow! To pull off 20 days of great events around the UK with just a 3 week lead time is no mean feat and you passed the test with flying colours. The kids’ activities were so well thought out and thank you for moving mountains to source the perfect bauble! Not even the logistics of the far-flung locations phased you. What else can we throw at you?”