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face (to face) time

It comes as no surprise when, as an event management agency, we say that events are a key component in any marketing strategy. In this digital age, however, it is so tempting to replace the time to organise and, let’s face it, up-front expense of events in favour of lower cost/free digital options to promote… tell me more

a change will do you good

We once asked a client why they held a client Christmas party when it was a notoriously poor time of year for attendance within their industry.  Their response was a scoffing ‘because we have done it that way for the last 30 years’. But is tradition a good enough reason to repeat an event format? ... tell me more

stress, but less

You may well have heard us talk about the fact that, for the last few years, 'Event Manager' has been consistently ranked 5th most stressful occupation (Career Cast). For 2019 it has dropped a place to 6th, being out-stressed by 'broadcaster' (note - another 'live' performer). Nevertheless, it's still up there on the top 10... tell me more

make a list, check it twice

But a list is not just for Christmas, it’s the very foundation of successful event planning.   Once we have agreed the outline look & feel of the event , we unpick the concept into its individual parts. These parts fall into 2 categories:   1.fundamentals: the absolute essentials 2.fringe elements: the elements that can... tell me more

that lightbulb moment

Almost every time we receive an event brief, one element is made very clear: 'we want something original, never been done before' sound familiar? But that's a pretty tall order to produce time and time again, often on a tight proposal deadline and a tight budget. Which is why I've got into the habit of... tell me more

creativity – do you have it in you?

Events are a left brain right brain thing. Left brain - think methodical approach, think logistics, think planning. All that is very well, but without right brain input events would be pretty dull. Which is why it's an event manager's job to marry the two. Many of you who manage events on top of your... tell me more

bringing business to pleasure

Last month we went left-field and delivered a workshop on negotiation at the National Wedding Show at London Excel. We don't officially plan weddings, but we do know event management like the back of our hands so why not take our business know-how to happy couples? Given that we generally operate in an echo-chamber of... tell me more

curating professional development

With employers looking to utilise their staff to their full potential and the job market being more competitive than ever, continuing professional development (CPD) is key to not only building a successful career, but also a more fulfilling one. In their recent article, Practically Perfect PA identified event management as one of the key hard... tell me more

the working woman – the everyday hero

International Women’s Day has to be the day to celebrate the working woman’s superhero cape. It’s usually invisible, unless fashion allows anything like a poncho (all-round cape!) to land in our working wardrobe. We’re punctual, we’re organised, we’re loyal, we work hard. And we go the extra mile.   We might look like Clark Kent… tell me more