Family For Every Child

“Our PA has found your coaching sessions invaluable. In an isolated role which has developed to manage a complex range of travel and events logistics/planning and delivery, she valued talking through the issues she faces and identifying where improvements and changes can be made. For her, it created a sense of team, talking with ‘colleagues’ who understand the issues she deals with and the range of implications these issues have on planning and delivery.

Your insight into the different tools that could be used and support in developing these tools has helped support her in re-thinking how we work and where resources can be best placed.

Given her move internally to a new role, this is also helping her to focus on how she will handover her work.

On a practical note, she has also learnt from working with you on the Forum, both in terms of your approach to planning, structure and communication, especially the negotiation on the translation services.

Once we have the new Travel and Events Assistant in place it will be most useful to build on this support further and ensure that we continue to strengthen our internal capacity to deliver event management.”

Nia Marshall -Senior Global HR & Operations Manager

Family for Every Child