Family For Every Child

” We asked you to take our Assembly of Members annual meeting to the next level, and you did exactly that. We asked you to help us all feel, new and existing members, part of the FAMILY and you did that too. It’s not easy working all around the world to feel cohesion and connection as soon as you come together but with your personal touch, through your technology and your bringing us together on the event, we felt that the management team, the delegates, our simultaneous interpreters and the BEYOND team were part of one big family all moving forward together.

You made us look more professional by keeping us to timelines and upgrading production where it was going to have the most impact. You took the logistical reins allowing us get on with our own jobs. You have demonstrated to us best practice and ways to improve the event for next year. In accordance with our tight budgets you were rigorous in your feedback as to where we should spend and where we should not. Our Treasurer has declared that you more than proved your worth and that means something coming from a charity!

We were extremely impressed with you both in terms of project management and consultancy, and very much look forward to working with you on the Assembly of Members 2017, wherever in the world that may be.