eau de Nil


Sometimes our job really isn’t a job. Supping cocktails at Mr Foggs while listening to the tales of an explorer fresh from his travels through Africa can’t truly be classed as hard work. But it’s all in the name of research for one of our latest briefs, and hey, someone’s got to do the dirty work.

4,250 miles, 9 months, 6 countries, and 2 extremely sore feet. Levison Wood recently completed a childhood dream and walked from the source of the Nile in Rwanda to its mouth of the river at the Mediterranean Sea. His trip was recorded in a book (signed for us!) and in a 4 part television series which has just aired on Channel 4, ‘Walking the Nile’.

He has been compared to Bear Grylls but the comparison ends at explorer. He has none of the ‘media polish’ that Bear has gained from so many years in the spotlight but instead you get a sense of real raw honesty, a down-to-earth soul and an up-close & personal experience, none more so than witnessing the death of one of his colleagues within a matter of hours, from sunstroke.

Our recent briefs have taken us from the Beckhams to Jamie Oliver & family, from Emma Watson to Kelly Hoppen and from the Middletons right to the Royals. But Lev Wood has walked right in and is first on our list.

Image credit:?Tom McShane