face (to face) time

It comes as no surprise when, as an event management agency, we say that events are a key component in any marketing strategy. In this digital age, however, it is so tempting to replace the time to organise and, let’s face it, up-front expense of events in favour of lower cost/free digital options to promote your company.

This is all very well; you can measure your reach and likes on posts. You can see how many people have opened your latest blog and even who has clicked through to your website. But is it giving your business the return you require, and more specifically, is it creating the desired effect on how your target clients feel about your brand?

At the end of the day, we are social animals and we get a lot more out of social interactions than digital ones. There is nothing like creating a space to take people out of the ordinary, away from their desks and devices, and connect with them on a real level.

So, what can live events do for your brand?

1. Build trust and loyalty

A live event gives your target audience the opportunity to build a personal relationship with your brand. There is so much competition out there, that by hosting an event, it gives your audience the chance to cut through the clutter and establish long-standing, trusting relationships.

2. Save time and produce leads

A live event gives you the chance to interact with more business leads in a few hours than you would during weeks of sales calls or meetings.

You will also build more meaningful leads; purely on the basis that they have turned up to your event, you already know they are interested.

3. Break the mould

An event doesn’t have to follow the ‘champagne-speaker-canapés’ formula. Get creative and give your audience something memorable. They will leave with your brand in mind and will spread the word.

4. Get immediate feedback

Whatever your ROI (return on investment) goals may be, you will get an immediate feeling of how your event and message was received.

So, whether you want to launch a new product, refresh your brand image or connect with your clients and reward their loyalty, live events are the key to marketing success.

image credit: Adi Goldstein via Unsplash