have a nice day!

have a nice day!

I’m on a plane and it’s a very bumpy ride to the USA. I’ve just been told by the hostess to imagine the turbulence as just like the experience of a speedboat racing over water. Unlucky for me, should we hit a ‘wave’ and crash my flying (without wings) isn’t quite up to the standard of my swimming.

Nevertheless here I am on my way to a site visit to the Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia, home of cheese wiz and Fresh Prince of Bel Air (and a technology conference in May of this year that we’re project managing).

One of three reasons why we’re called BEYOND is our strength in events abroad but foreign events the last few years have been low on the ground due to the recession. So this year we’re celebrating with events so far in the US, Italy, Dubai, and Majorca / Spain. And it’s only March.

But how come we find it easier to communicate with Europe than we do with America? Do they really speak the same language as us? It takes a degree to understand their visa requirements, their menus are 40 pages long but there’s still nothing on there I actually want to eat and gee, they sell coffee by the gallon.

After four months of on-going communication across the pond I only seem to have picked up the basics, which is disappointing since I have a degree in foreign languages.

Still, another reason why we’re called BEYOND is that we aim to always exceed expectations, so there’s one more question to ask; ‘Would you like fries with that?’