I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

There’s been a growing trend in the past year for purging your possessions in search of a simpler, cleaner way of living. Spearheading this movement is Marie Kondo, who penned her first book detailing her own Konmari method of decluttering your life. In a world of consumerism, fast buys and cheap thrills (and frills), it is easy to end up with 10 of the same shirt, when you only really need 2. (Or indeed, 75 pairs of jeans, as recently quoted by a senior Vogue representative).


The aim of the game is to simplify, re-organise and create an aesthetic which is so pleasing you’ll be instagramming pictures of your newly ‘filed’ t-shirt drawer and closet of colour-coordinated, long to short rails.


Let’s face it, tidying is tidying, nevertheless Marie Kondo has re-invented it, changed the way we look at it and has packaged this much put-off chore, into a joyful, cathartic experience.


While we can say that events have evolved, the fundamentals have not changed either. Just as the perfectly organised closet, the individual event elements, working together in harmony, creates the streamlined and successful live production.


That’s why 2017 is the year of the consultancy for BEYOND. We are here to Konmari your event calendar. To do away with anything that does not bring joy (read: ROI), keep what does and streamline your events into a pleasing, cohesive schedule, harmoniously in line with your marketing objectives.