make a list, check it twice

But a list is not just for Christmas, it’s the very foundation of successful event planning.


Once we have agreed the outline look & feel of the event , we unpick the concept into its individual parts. These parts fall into 2 categories:


1.fundamentals: the absolute essentials

2.fringe elements: the elements that can be tweaked, the nice-to-haves, the supportive elements of the event


This list does not become a do-to list, it becomes our budget outline. Straight into Excel it goes along with each item’s associated cost – starting with the fundamentals first.


This not only saves time, but it also means that all the elements are in one place, one document, for you to manage as a master list. If you can see where your budget is at, you know that your event is on-track for success and makes it very easy to present for updates along the way.


As for checking it twice? I always get a colleague to cast eyes over it. A fresh pair of peepers on that list is essential to spot any errors or missing items, especially if it’s been sending you square-eyed for days.


I wonder if Santa does the same with your wish-lists…?