a night on the Nile(s)

4,160 miles, 9 months, 7 different countries and 2 (very sore) feet.

The Nile is the longest river in the world and Levison Wood, a former British soldier, set out to walk from its length, starting in Rwanda, up to the Mediterranean sea. Recently featured on Channel 4?s ?Walking the Nile?, Levison Wood gives an inspiring talk on overcoming the trials and tribulations he faced during his 9 month expedition, including escaping gunfire, avoiding being eaten by crocodiles and losing one of his colleagues to heatstroke.

A perfect venue to host this talk is the British Museum, steeped in the history of human curiosity, you can have the Great Court for your reception as well as the famous Egyptian rooms to explore yourself. Catering could be African and army themed (think cocktails in tin ?mess cans?) and there is potential to also team up with an award-winning world-class photographer who has spent much of his career photographing the landscapes and wildlife of Africa.

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