core strength

Check out the gym in January: a sea of New Year Resolution-ers, fighting the flab with gusto to rediscover their core strength.

We at BEYOND are doing the same, albeit in the office. Twelve years ago we set up as an events consultancy to work with clients to plan their event programmes with these objectives in mind:

1. to ensure events are integrated into the marketing strategy and therefore communicate the right message

2. to guarantee that events attract and suit the audience ? one size does NOT fit all

3. effective budget allocation ? where you can save money, where you need to spend and why

The result of these objectives is greater return on your investment.

Our experience covers small to large-scale, low budget to luxury, London client entertaining to global conferences. We?ve worked in-house and agency side, in events and in marketing so we understand where you, as well as our suppliers, come from.

Whether you are looking for an agency to plan your events or leave the nitty gritty of project management to your in-house team, we can work with you to create intelligent events with more bang for your buck.