effective communication: the key to event management

See our latest article for the July edition of Executive Secretary Magazine, where our founder, Kate Kassar, details her top tips on producing a coherent, effective message within your event.

If you ask anyone who does not manage events for a living what the main skills of an event manager are, they?ll suggest methodical planning of logistics, budgeting skills, maybe they?ll say creativity.

If you ask me, I?d say effective communication.

When you step into the role of event manager you are thrown into the lion?s den of stakeholders with a rainbow of aspirations as well as several departments which will feed in valuable information along the way, suppliers with varying requirements and guests with their own set of unique demands.? You no longer have one or a handful of bosses (which is, after all, more than enough), you have many.? And your job is to satisfy all of them without diluting the core objectives.

So, how do you achieve this?

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