top tips for managing AV requirements for an event

See our latest article for the May edition of Executive Secretary Magazine, where our founder, Kate Kassar details her top tips for managing audio visual (AV) requirements for an event:

“An industry figurehead recently told us that even she had been stumped by a recent AV quotation she had received. I have therefore put pen to paper to help you turn these technical quotations into plain and simple English.

1.Know your own brief

  • How many people?
  • How formal is the occasion?
  • Do you need a stage, lectern, lapel mics & full conference set-up with back projection? Or, is it informal or a simple set-up where e.g. plasma screens will do the job?
  • Will you need to set up the night before or on the day?
  • Will there be time to take down on the same day?
  • Will technical staff be working long hours or overtime?
  • Is the event in a public building (e.g. a museum), where you will have a very short turn-around time?
  • Do you have translation requirements? If so, will it be done in a booth or by whispering; consecutive or simultaneous? Will the translation only be one-way (e.g. English into local language) or two-way i.e. with local language back into English?? Or even three-way i.e. English, local language, alternative languages)”

You can read the full article here.

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