the art of cuisine

An evening of food and art theatre where the borders between the two collide. Watch live contemporary street art created before your eyes and create your own food art from molecular cuisine, made famous by Heston Blumenthal, but unseen by most first-hand.

An art installation would be created live on a giant canvas wall by a well-known Hackney artist, whose work has been seen on The Apprentice and who has created installations for Glastonbury.

So, the food theatre?a rose Turkish delight ice cream where chefs wear lab coats, goggles and rubber gloves. When the liquid nitrogen is poured in to the mixer it is -200 degrees and an eerie smoke floats from the mixer and the air suddenly takes on a chill.

* revolves around food & drink (client entertaining fundamentals) but in an original quirky way
* highly interactive giving the event better ?sellability?
* guests may have eaten molecular food but it is likely they will not have made it
* guests can watch a work of art being created in front of their eyes