executive secretary magazine – the future of events

Kate takes a look at the future of events in a COVID-19 world The world is almost standing still with COVID-19.  Many event organisers – and assistants – are left with few or no events to organise.  But on the basis that at some point the whole world will go back to ‘normal’, what will... tell me more

executive secretary magazine – leading an events team

Kate Kassar’s top tips on how to go from independent worker to team leader Assistants are usually associated with independent working, not as being a member of or leading a team.  Having said that, as soon as we are talking events, you are a member of a team, and you may well find yourself the... tell me more

we’re speaking at the PA Show

We’re speaking at the PA Show 2020 - come and see us at ExCel London on 25 February at 10am.   Taking the reins on a large-scale event can be daunting and budgets can get eaten up in the blink of an eye.   Join us for an interactive session on how you can make... tell me more

admin chat “how to stay sane when planning events” – executive secretary webinar

executive secretary magazine – what to do when your event goes wrong

Kate Kassar’s top tips for managing an event that is not “all right on the night’ Events are live so by their very nature, subject to stresses and pitfalls that we can only imagine when we embark upon them.  Moreover, there is an expectation among executives that assistants should ‘just get on with it’ and... tell me more

how to stay sane when planning events – at C&C Search

With event management being the 6th most stressful occupation according to Career Cast, we put in place our own techniques to promote wellness for our event managers, and now we want to share them with you. Event management can be stress-inducing enough, let alone doing it on top of your day job as a PA.... tell me more

how to turn stress into a positive – Miss Jones Wellness Summit

With Event Management remaining in the top 6 most stressful occupations, and with many PA's being tasked with the role, we look at why it is 'stressful' and teach you our techniques for managing stress. Saturday 7 September at 11am and 1pm Mortimer House Click here to book your tickets  

effective communication: the key to event management

See our latest article for the July edition of Executive Secretary Magazine, where our founder, Kate Kassar, details her top tips on producing a coherent, effective message within your event. If you ask anyone who does not manage events for a living what the main skills of an event manager are, they?ll suggest methodical planning... tell me more

EventLAB series workshop – enhancing stakeholder engagement and event project results

Last week we delivered a workshop for EventLAB on enhancing stakeholder engagement and improving event project results. You can read a write up on our workshop on the EventLAB blog.  

speaker engagements

Our presentations, seminars and workshops deliver insider event know-how to those ?accidental event managers?, giving them the confidence to take ownership of the event?on top of their day job. If you?d like to discuss how we can bring our expertise to enhance your seminar, speaker panel or conference, get in touch today. You can call… tell me more

come to our workshop at the EventLAB Series on 18 June.

We are collaborating with EventLAB by HireSpace, for their EventLAB series of thought-leadership discussions and workshops being held throughout the year, designed to help event professionals enhance their skills, inspiration and industry knowledge. Join us on?Tuesday 18 June for our workshop on ‘Proven Techniques To Enhance Stakeholder Engagement And Improve Event Project Results’,?including discussion of… tell me more

top tips for managing AV requirements for an event

See our latest article for the May edition of Executive Secretary Magazine, where our founder, Kate Kassar details her top tips for managing audio visual (AV) requirements for an event: “An industry figurehead recently told us that even she had been stumped by a recent AV quotation she had received. I have therefore put pen… tell me more

the art of effective communication – event management on top of your day job

Come and join us Tuesday 14 May, 17:30 at Meet in Place King William, 24 King William Street where we will be joining an expert panel of speakers for the next session of the Miss Jones PA Professional Development Series. We will share with you how to: – Get your point across effectively to stakeholders,… tell me more

brains & beauty

Has the question been popped?? If so, pop along to see us at 11.30am at The National Wedding Show at ExCel London on Saturday 13 April where we will be talking on how to make BIG savings on your budget for your BIG day. 11.30am Tricks of the Trade ? How To Make Savings On… tell me more

we’re speaking at The PA Show 2019 – come and see us at London Olympia on 26 February.

On 26 February we will be appearing at The PA Show 2019 being held at London Olympia. Come and find us in the Event Management Theatre at 9.45am, where Kate Kassar and Alice Hancock will be kicking off the day’s schedule of seminars with an expert insight into how to pull off an event like… tell me more

the modern assistant – event guru included

See our article on Executive Secretary Magazine where our founder, Kate Kassar details her top tips for busy PAs when planning any event: “An assistant can be tasked with the responsibility of organising anything from the annual sales conference, to the staff Christmas party or a pivotal client entertaining event.? In this case you are… tell me more

staying sane when planning events – Miss Jones Wellness Summit

We are leading two 30 minute workshops at the Miss Jones Wellness Summit on Saturday 19 January at 11am and 11:50am. Use our exclusive 15% discount code BEYONDWELLNESS to book your tickets, but be quick as spaces are filling up fast   We’ll be taking you through our tried and tested methods of reducing the… tell me more

how many pounds could you face losing for summer?

Wonderful time, the summer. Sunshine, barbeques, holidays. Indulgence all the way. But the new financial year budget cuts have just hit. Cash for events is often the first to suffer. But you?ll still be given the weighty task of putting on a great show, time after time.   That?s where BEYOND Consultancy can get you… tell me more

internal event communications ? all talk AND trouser

Story Source: Event Lab   THE EVENT On 22nd May, we held an exclusive event for Hire Space Professional clients, inviting them for breakfast and a roundtable discussion, alongside speakers Kate Kassar, Director of?Beyond Events?and Frank Dias, Communications Business Partner at?Lloyd’s. This session explored the challenges that event organisers face when communicating with stakeholders throughout… tell me more

how to do a great job as well as your day job

See our article on ?DIY event planning? in Prestige Events Magazine, home of the Cool Venue Awards and the 20/20s. Please click for the full story: Full Story on?ISSUU (Page 102-103)

how many pounds could you face losing after Christmas?

Wonderful time, the festive season. Parties galore. Indulgence all the way. Then the New Year budget cuts hit. Cash for events is often the first to suffer. But you?ll still be given the weighty task of putting on a great show, time after time. That?s where BEYOND Consultancy can get you into shape Our innovative… tell me more

core strength

Check out the gym in January: a sea of New Year Resolution-ers, fighting the flab with gusto to rediscover their core strength. We at BEYOND are doing the same, albeit in the office. Twelve years ago we set up as an events consultancy to work with clients to plan their event programmes with these objectives… tell me more

save money with bespoke

It?s a common misconception that bespoke will empty your pockets. It?s true that Saville Row costs more than the high street but in the case of bespoke events it?s every inch your budget. A bespoke event is created to your exact specifications, ensuring your marketing communication objectives are at the heart. There is no forking… tell me more

best of British summer festival

No need to wait for another Jubilee to come round to celebrate the very Best of British. Your summer event will be awash with red, white and blue. Bringing mini versions of the best British sports (anyone for Wii Wimbledon?) and the best British funfair attractions (now don?t be coconut shy) followed by a selection… tell me more

Opera to die for

Not a singing waiter in sight. Imagine the cr?me de la cr?me of the opera world sourced from the Royal Opera House and from around the world. The company director & producer trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and the musicians are sourced from the top orchestras of the UK. All opera performances… tell me more

street life

The aroma of gourmet street food entices you in to your very own pop-up summer street party? ?but there?s no bunting or vintage china plates here, oh no. A truly sensory experience created with a selection of high-end street food stalls sampling the latest food trends: chorizo encased scotch quails eggs, Chinese Bao, organic meat… tell me more

save water, drink Champagne

Travel to the champagne region of France to sample not only some of the best champagne in the world but Michelin starred dining. This is not the general public guided tour around Veuve Clicquot and Mo?t & Chandon, rather it is a VIP experience for senior guests. No member of the general public has ever… tell me more

a night on the Nile(s)

4,160 miles, 9 months, 7 different countries and 2 (very sore) feet. The Nile is the longest river in the world and Levison Wood, a former British soldier, set out to walk from its length, starting in Rwanda, up to the Mediterranean sea. Recently featured on Channel 4?s ?Walking the Nile?, Levison Wood gives an… tell me more

the art of cuisine

An evening of food and art theatre where the borders between the two collide. Watch live contemporary street art created before your eyes and create your own food art from molecular cuisine, made famous by Heston Blumenthal, but unseen by most first-hand. An art installation would be created live on a giant canvas wall by… tell me more

mod cons

It?s not necessarily where you hold your event, but when. Let BEYOND take you back to the swinging 60s, a decade which is being referenced everywhere, from the fashion runway to the latest West End play. (And if you haven?t seen Jersey Boys, go NOW). Start the party as Don Draper would start the day… tell me more

knees up mother Brown

East London is having a moment. The 2012 London Olympics put it firmly on the map as an area of cultural importance and a creative hub. Taking place in an east-end boozer (or recreate your own), with Chaz and Dave perhaps tinkling on the ol? joanna. Pass around the jellied eels and pie ?n? mash… tell me more

conference confidential

You won?t fall asleep in our conference. Whether it?s a half-day meeting or a week-long super-conference, we source the best venues (globally), the most sumptuous catering, inspirational guest speakers, most state-of-the-art technology and the coolest entertainment. Our team of conference producers, graphic designers and technical managers then run the lot from start to finish. We… tell me more