pink ladies

Pink Ladies

Desperately in need of some fresh air to clear my mind, I headed down to Hyde Park to stretch my legs. As I entered the park I was struck by a sea of hot pink – a collective of women coming together for Race for Life. The most striking thing was this block of colour, almost as if it was a single entity.

But, on closer inspection, you can make out every individual who had trained hard, raised money and each one had been affected by cancer in one way or another. Each person, a cell, joining together for one great big cause.

It was this image that brings me back to why I work in events. Co-ordinating single elements to create a whole: a seamless event, which just wouldn’t work without individual efforts.

Each one of these ladies taking part in Race for Life and those who organise the race made an individual commitment to come together to create a single event to put some positivity back into the world.