put out the FYRE – raging success or raging inferno?

A masterclass in what NOT to do

‘FYRE has become cult viewing on Netflix since its launch mid-January. To every professional event manager it is 1.5 hours of toe curling excruciating misery. And if you don’t have budget to pay BEYOND’s event management consultancy fees, I highly recommend this as a free masterclass in ‘what not to do’ when planning an event.

On the other hand, if you want to be remembered in the same way as the dirty, swindling, lying power-hungry individual that the incarcerated Billy McFarland will always be remembered as, read on.

Let NOTHING and NO-ONE get in the way of an ambitious vision

Don’t let reality or common sense pose an obstacle to your (I quote) ‘immersive music festival … transformative weekends … on the boundaries of the impossible”. ‘(Oops, bad choice of words Billy.)

Mislead your investment backers and your guests

Sell them the promise, the impossible even. Lie if it means getting the cash in, and then let sleeping dogs lie. The problem is, sleeping dogs wake up eventually, don’t they?

Who needs a Plan B?

Plan B presumably is for suckers. (Except that they do have hurricanes in the Bahamas & the event is outdoors, after all.)

Don’t listen to any of your team

The logistics co-ordinator said there wasn’t space to have everyone land in private planes. He was sacked. The marketing agency said the guests posting questions on social media needed answers. They were sacked too.

Leave colleagues high & dry

Top priority is to make a mint, right? Does it really matter about those local workers who worked night & day to pull off the impossible, only to be left without payment, shattering local investment and leaving people with savings wiped out?

Stop at NOTHING to get the job done

You have to watch if you want to find out what ‘taking one for the team’ meant for Andy, veteran event producer.

Over-promise & under-deliver

  • Private island previously belonging to Pablo Escobar or the industrial bit on the end of a not so private island next to the Sandals Resort?
  • Celebrity chefs or cheese sandwiches in foam containers?
  • Luxury villa accommodation or scattered disaster relief tents with dirt floors and soaking wet mattresses (or no accommodation at all which was the other option).

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I mean, no running water, no toilets, no plane runway, no wi-fi for electronic payments ? that’s the unglamorous stuff so can’t be fundamental, right?

Build your brand on social media & keep it standing

Build the brand one (influencer) orange brick at a time. Genius. When your followers start to ask doubtful questions, ignore or delete negative comments. Don’t let anyone knock that brand down. Superglue it if necessary.

For an introductory masterclass on how to pull off a raging inferno watch ‘FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened’ on Netflix. If a raging success is more what you’re after call Kate at BEYOND, 07815 157899. We promise – no toe-curling.