Small Steps

smallstepsYou’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.’

I attended the funeral of a school friend of mine last weekend. If there is a benefit in death to those still alive it’s that it makes us acutely aware of the gift of life. Spontaneity and the ‘little things’ take on new meaning.

It has spurred me on to make a difference and BEYOND has formalised its CSR policy, taking responsibility to make a difference to Small Steps school for parents.

Always looking to practise what we preach we are planning our own teambuilding session at the school. Our DIY and Christmas present wrapping skills have already been put to the test and we look forward to a lot more.

Small Steps is a pre-school support service for young children with disabilities (some very serious) and their parents. The charity works to two aims: to provide opportunities for the children to learn skills across all areas of their development and secondly and perhaps more importantly, it offers support to the parents in coming to terms with having a disabled child. Small Steps is staffed by a small team led by an inspirational woman, Anita Coppola, recently awarded an MBE.

But what is most striking about the school is not the letters after someone’s name, rather the all-encompassing positivity which is truly infectious. Where the medical profession has a duty to analyse a disability, Small Steps encourages and develops abilities and celebrates a tiny step as a giant leap forward.