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breathe in..and breathe out

It is no surprise that the word inspire is derived from the Latin word ?inspirare? which means to breathe in.

The past month our focus has been on getting the job done.? Due to issues outside ours and our client?s control, a large-scale project had to be put on hold for a month.? This meant that for the final month before going live all hands were on deck and with it, some serious hours of input.? On top of that came a 22 hour long journey and a week of on-site 24/7 style hours.

After finishing the conference for Family for Every Child in Guatemala and before heading home I took a day to myself to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal.? The idea was to breathe, to relax, to take a day to take in some of the wonders of Guatemala before returning to more ?getting the job done?. ??I expected to be inspired by the size, history and by the unfathomable engineering feat of it. What I didn?t expect was to be inspired by the people who I visited it with.