team BONDing

Team BONDing

Team BEYOND went to see the new Bond movie last night. Personally, I think it might be the best Bond movie SONY Pictures has ever produced and of course the 50th anniversary of the big-screen Bond was the right time to pull off something big.

Skyfall captured all of the magic of Casino Royale: it had everything from action to glamorous women in carefully measured quantities, unlike Quantum of Solace which tripped up, providing little more than an action man movie, thereby alienating much of its potential audience. Moreover, Skyfall probably had the most chilling baddie, just the right level of sentimentality to crack (not break) hearts, some brilliantly crafted introductions to the new ‘M’ and ‘Q’. (‘Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore’) and it found the delicate balance between extravagance and realism. What more could viewers possibly want?

On that note, what do corporate viewers want? Bond this year was such a winner with corporate audiences because not only does it fulfil everyone’s cinema-going aspirations, it provides great subject matter for discussion, which acts as an excellent networking ice-breaker. After the stunt of the Olympic ceremony Bond was on our lips (if only!) But for the corporate market, was it overkill this time. It seemed that everywhere you looked there was another Bond screening taking place and for the first time ever some of the larger scale Bond related events didn’t sell out.

It seemed everyone helped themselves to a piece of the pie with the result that corporates were left unstirred by the opportunity.