that lightbulb moment

Almost every time we receive an event brief, one element is made very clear: ‘we want something original, never been done before’ sound familiar?

But that’s a pretty tall order to produce time and time again, often on a tight proposal deadline and a tight budget. Which is why I’ve got into the habit of ‘collecting’ inspiration by forming regular opportunities to build up a directory that I can call upon when that brief lands in our inbox.

It is a good habit to get into, particularly if you find it difficult to come up with creative ideas for events. Here’s why:


  • it saves you time
  • it builds your network
  • your inspiration is ‘to hand’ just when you might need it

Case in point: towards the end of 2018, we were tasked to create an immersive space within a venue for an eco charity client. Budget was tight, but the theme was poignant and needed to pack an emotional punch. We settled on creating an urban garden within the venue to demonstrate the importance of incorporating green space in urban development. Rewind to 2016 at the BNC Show where I met a wonderful real grass supplier that can turf a venue with their fully sustainable real grass. I loved the product, but didn’t have a suitable event at the time. So, when this event came around, with an 8-week lead time, I didn’t have to spend hours researching different options and concepts; I had the right supplier at my fingertips.

Here’s what I do regularly to keep my inspiration muscle flexed:


  • Visit event trade shows. There are many throughout the year, including EventLAB, The BNC Show, The London Summer Event Show, The London Christmas Party Show, Miss Jones Showcase, Venues + Events Live.
  • It’s worth taking an hour or so out to visit these shows. You get to meet so many venues and suppliers at once and start forming good contacts for when you need them, and ideas and concepts can begin to form.
  • Become a culture vulture. There are so many amazing exhibitions on, and they’re a hive of inspiration. Not just the exhibits themselves, but pay close attention to how the works are displayed: the lighting, the mood, the materials used – store them away on a mood board ready for your next event.
  • Stay current. Read magazines to keep up with the trends. Event themes have trends too, so it’s handy to have the latest themes at your fingertips.
  • Get out. When you’re having a creative block, put on your headphones and go for a walk. Clear your mind and let inspiration flow.

So, go ahead and start collecting those little sparks of inspiration. You never know when you might need it most.

We run creativity workshops on how to take your bright ideas and develop them into a workable event concept. To book, contact Kate on 07815 157 899 or



Image credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay