the working woman – the everyday hero

International Women’s Day has to be the day to celebrate the working woman’s superhero cape. It’s usually invisible, unless fashion allows anything like a poncho (all-round cape!) to land in our working wardrobe. We’re punctual, we’re organised, we’re loyal, we work hard. And we go the extra mile.


We might look like Clark Kent rather than Superman. We might not look as glamorous or as glossy as one of Charlie’s Angels but if you dig down deep enough, the cape is there, maybe it’s just tucked in well.


Your title might have the word ‘assistant’ in it but as any modern-day assistant handling events, you have a day job and a ‘save the day job’. Misconceptions as to what it takes to pull off an event are rife among bosses. It’s only ordering some canapes and booking a venue, right? When tasked with an event you take full responsibility for and become a manager of people, of budgets, of contracts as well as of projects and deadlines. Yes, a manager.


So be bold and wear that cape with pride:


  1. Ban the word ‘just’ from your everyday vocabulary. We women have a tendency for self-deprecation and over-use it. (Men use it much less). It’s no longer ‘just me’ on the end of the phone; no longer am I just wondering if?.?.? If it feels like a man’s world, say it straight.
  2. Talk to colleagues with terminology that they relate and react to. When reminding your sales colleagues of the deadline on final catering numbers the emphasis is on maximising relationship-building and future revenues on the night. When talking to the FD it’s all about the bottom line and the costs you’ve negotiated down; for the Marketing Director the emphasis is on the effectiveness of the brand communication.
  3. Grab that impromptu 2 minute meeting with the boss (making tea, walking out the door) if that gets you better results than constantly having a formal half hour cancelled due to their ‘higher priorities’. Make it count by putting the results in writing back to them.
  4. Talk in terms of ‘Due to the deadline, I will confirm this unless I hear from you otherwise’ if you’re really struggling to get answers.
  5. See events in their superhero cape, which is face to face communication as a strategic part of the marketing mix, rather than mere organising. After all, latest statistics say that 70% of users become regular clients after an experiential event. (Ironic, in our digital age).

Wear that cape with pride. It might always be the boss who gets the credit. You might only ever be Clark Kent to the rest of the team, but you’ll know that in addition to your standard day job, you (and your secret cape) have saved the events day.

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