twogether we are stronger

Two hands together

Before setting up BEYOND, I worked as a Marketing Manager for a law firm.
One gem has always stuck in my head from that role – not any ground-breaking nugget of marketing know-how – but my boss’s words ‘Two heads are worth more than double the power of one.’ That, for me, meant a lot of conference calls with the US as most of the team was based there. For the rest of the firm it meant more in-depth thinking producing higher level results.


Together means results. Together is the crux of events. So why don’t we work that way from the start?


The traditional agency – client pitch is traditionally all about event concepts. Who can come up with the best idea? In our minds it should be about the quality of past work, the synergy and the potential for a long-term successful collaboration. When you move on to the event brief, the brainstorming could be client and agency together – how much more could we then achieve?


The Marketing Forum Research Report recently discovered that clients appoint agencies on personal chemistry and innovation. Personal chemistry comes from getting together. Innovation comes from brainstorming which comes from heads getting together. So why are agencies being asked to prepare a pitch or proposal independently rather than the two bodies collaborating?


We believe in quality of clients over quantity, in long term relationships over short-term. We support collaboration over separation. Less ideas-based pitching, more brainstorming will ultimately achieve the goal of less budget and better value. Surely that is worth putting our two heads together on?


Our thoughts on agency selection:

  1. Think about what your events programme needs to achieve
  2. Ask yourself, is there synergy to work successfully long-term?
  3. Ask for examples of past work and client references
  4. Commit to each other and then embark on ideas together as a team