what a difference a day with FAMILY makes


Whenever someone asks me what I do, the shortest answer is ‘corporate events’. Our market has always been corporate. Admittedly on our first flagship event we worked with Save the Children, producing official hospitality for a flamenco show at the Royal Albert Hall. Despite a further smattering of charity and private events, the vast majority of our projects over the following 12 years have been for the corporate market.

As you get older I think your moral conscience beats harder inside you and when an opportunity to produce a conference for the worldwide charity, FAMILY for Every Child, came about, we jumped at it, pitched and won. We spent the next 8 months looking at ways to take their event, as per their request, to the ‘next level’ while always aware of the need to be rigorous on budget.

We found the fundamentals of working with a charity exactly the same as the corporate market; after all, if we weren’t looking to take an event to the next level while remaining focussed on budget, we wouldn’t be doing our job. What struck us as so different was their approach – people who work for charities are a different species. It’s not that they are some kind of ‘gentler sex’, moreover I witnessed some of the most heated discussions ever at a conference. That’s precisely it – this is their vocation, their life, their passion. I am not saying that in the corporate world this doesn’t exist, but many of the employees of FAMILY have witnessed and lived through what they now protect, which is precisely where this passion has been born.

We made a difference to them; we showed our value in taking their event to the next level. In turn they made a difference to us and showed us what you can achieve for disadvantaged children on a global scale when you have passion and belief.

What a difference a day with FAMILY makes.