which connections are cut out for you?

As my birthday approaches, I inevitably find myself reviewing the last year.

I spent last year’s birthday in hospital with my young son facing a potentially devastating future (see blog Minor (Corporate Social) Responsibility). Thanks to the doctors, nurses and researchers who left no stone unturned, we are back to normal.

Watching those life-savers do their job made me feel that my own job was futile and frivolous, lacking in value. I questioned the role of the events industry. I found myself reflecting on the heady days of lavish client entertaining where the priority of the client felt more about outdoing competitors with ‘money- can’t-buy’ than ROI. Thankfully for our moral compasses, as the years have progressed value has outstripped spend.

Today, much of BEYOND’s work is to produce conferences. People from all over the world connect to meet, laugh, argue and align with a strategy for best practice. We have helped scientists put their heads together to further ground-breaking medical research. This coming week we are bringing together child protection charities from all around the world to provide enslaved, orphaned and abused children a brighter family-focussed future.

That’s what events are really about: connecting people. As a doctor commented to me ‘Your job has immense value. Without you, the drug companies would not market their products effectively. Without them the patients wouldn’t get better.’

Far from futile, events are a fundamental link in the chain of connection.